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Bau-Consulting Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Laurenz Görres

Services BCLG

How I can help you!

BCLG offers you an advisory service for all kind of problems related to construction management and for any project phase such as planning, tendering or construction. Consulting services can be provided to the following subjects:

  • Equipment and process engineering
  • Analysis of personnel requirements for projects
  • Analysis of construction processes
Beispiel Bauablaufplanung
Beispiel Bauablaufplanung
  • Time scheduling
    Beispiel Terminplanung
  • Cost management
    → Analysis of costs and cost review
    Beispiel Kalkulationsablauf
  • Acquisition and tendering of projects
    → Work preparation during tender phase
    Beispiel Akquiseablauf

    → Tender management and bid review
  • Planning, organisation and review of construction management
    → Risk management
    Beispiel Risikomanagement

    → Optimization of construction processes
  • Contract management
  • Claim management
  • Advise on specifics about overseas construction projects
    → planning of mobilization and demobilization phase
    → site arrangements and construction site installations
    → logistics
    → and other overseas specifics
  • Advise on conciliation, mediation, adjudication and arbitration
    Beispiel Mediation

In addition, I also offer in-company staff training and further education on these topics.


Date of last edit webpage: August 2018

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