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Anlagenbau in Saudi-Arabien
Staudamm- & Kraftwerksbau in Nepal
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Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH) Laurenz Görres

Professional interests

Overseas or multi-national large-scale projects.

Projects with special leadership responsibilities.

Challenging projects under difficult conditions and/or in crisis mode.

I am ...

... seeking new challenges in my job. Looking for a senior management position in a construction, consulting or insurance company. Focus should be on (international) infrastructure projects (especially energy), large-scale projects and (international) project management.  

... interested in projects and tasks in the fields of hydropower, wind energy (on- and offshore), energy in general, tunnel construction and infrastructure construction in general, as well as industrial or plant construction. Since ever, I also would like to work in marine works (on- and offshore). Projects in a "challenging environment" have a special appeal for me (like offshore projects, developing countries or "unstable" countries).

... offering a wide range of experience and excellent qualifications in construction management and as a civil engineer. I have extensive professional experience working for large, well-known German construction and consulting companies as well as universities. 

... offering overseas experience and experience in large-scale projects, acquisition, cost estimation, work planning, site and project management and as a (full) professor for the subject of "Construction Management".


My professional interests are all about construction management, wether as a lecturer at university or in practice in the management of larger projects. These projects have their own special appeal because they often present very special problems. I am fascinated by the process of identifying these problems in a team, analysing their causes and effects, and finding appropriate solutions to overcome them.


Laurenz Görres

Dr.-Ing. Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. (FH)
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last updated: May 2023

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