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Teaching at Lviv Polytechnic National University (LPNU)
in Ukraine during Winter Semester 2023/24

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"International Project Management" as an online course

In October 2023, I was once again appointed as lecturer by the "Lviv Polytechnic National University" and the "Institute of Civil Engineering and Building Systems" to offer a course on the subject "International Project Management". The focus of this course is on infrastructure construction because Russia has been attacking and destroying Ukraine's (critical) infrastructure for over a year now. That's why there is a need for well-trained engineers in Ukraine who are familiar with the special features of large-scale international projects in the field of infrastructure construction. As this is my professional specialty, I am very happy to offer such a course at LPNU.

After the experience I gained in the previous course in March 2023, I am redesigning the whole course and adapting it that it fits better to the needs of the students at LPNU. The participation of a German student in this special online course will give the word "International" in the name of the course a new dimension, which makes me very happy. Ukrainian and German students are listening together to a course on how to approach and handle international (large-scale) projects in Ukraine. For me, this is a voluntary work. I hope that this will help to "rebuild Ukraine" after the war and also help my friends Prof. Khmil, Pavlo and Oksana (Dean).

The introduction took place on 25th October 2023. I taught from my office in Rüdesheim for around 2.5 hours and gave an introduction to the subject of "International Project Management".

What does this teaching look like? It looks like the picture on the right!

In Ukraine, however, a black "Zoom Window" of a listener does not mean that only one person is attending the course. Ukrainian students also like to turn an online course into a group event and sit together and listen.

However, if the students have switched off their cameras during online teaching, it is extremely difficult for the teacher to recognize whether the students are interested (or not). In other words: no faces recognizable → no emotions to be seen → no conclusions about the interest of the audience possible → no adjustments by the teacher. The only thing that helps is to ask or request feedback from the students.

Feedback students from 2nd Nov. 2023  |
Please click to enlarge

Feedback students from 2nd Nov. 2023  |
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As you can see, the Ukrainian students may skimp to switch on the camera during online lessons, but they don't skimp on feedback about the course. Thank you for the great feedback, which made me very happy! And as you can see the German student liked it too.

Feedback student from 1st Nov. 2023  |  Please click to enlarge


The course on 8th Nov. 2023 treated a real problem of one of my international construction projects that the students had to solve quickly and precisely using simple tools (e.g. Excel). Not every problem in construction requires a 3D model or a 3D solution and sometimes an Excel tool is enough and much faster. Although the students from LPNU lacked the knowledge to create such an Excel tool or an Excel spreadsheets (with German students it is exactly the same), the Ukrainian students have a very high level of comprehension. And as you can see from the comments, the students enjoyed the course and to learnt some more skills.

Preparing such an online course for Ukrainian students requires a lot of work. First of all, the idea for a training has to be developed. Then you have to write lecturer notes and to create an Excel template for the students. Furthermore you need a professional sample solution as an Excel spreadsheet and various sketches to explain the problem and the solution. Everything needs to be explained in English. With each course I'm getting better and better and the course on 8th Nov. 2023 was a really good one.

The course also addresses current problems, such as the corruption problems within Ukraine, which have also been highlighted by the EU Commission. I explain to the students the disadvantages that corruption causes in the Ukrainian economy.

Feedback students from 8th Nov. 2023  |
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Feedback students from 9th Nov. 2023  |
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The course on 15th Nov. 2023 treated a common problem on larger construction sites that the students again had to solve quickly and precisely using simple tools (e.g. Excel). How to estimate the productivity of an excavator? This problem sounds simple but it isn't so simple. Just try to find out how many parameters you have to consider to solve this task: 5, 10, 15 or 20?

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"International Project Management" as an attendance course at the LPNU

After I have borne all the costs of my teaching engagement in Ukraine between January 2023 and November 2023 myself, the attendance course at LPNU in December 2023 will be sponsored by the Jakob Wilhelm Mengler Foundation. This would not be possible without sponsorship.


→ Probably more in December 2023!


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Impressions from "Lviv during winter season"


→ Probably more in December 2023!


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